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For two weeks only, Silver Dollar City is offering their guests the once a year opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds and thrills of their park after dark.

From Saturday, July 23, to Sunday, Aug. 2, the 1880s-style theme park is extending their hours and offering a number of fun evening activities for the whole family. Each day the park will be open from 9:30 am to 10 pm for Moonlight Madness, with the exception of July 30 and Aug. 6, for which the park will still open till midnight for Midnight Madness.

Silver Dollar City Entertainment Supervisor Steve Parrish provided some insight into what guests visiting the park for Moonlight Madness can expect.

“We have a lot of fun gigs coming up. We’ve got the Newsboys who are going to kick it off over at Echo Hollow. Then we have Eastern Heights and The Juice that will be playing at Echo Hollow throughout all of Moonlight Madness,” Parrish said. “Immediately following all the concerts in the evening we’ll have a live fireworks show at the end of every single concert. Then we also have dance parties up at the Gazebo with Prince Ivan.”

The Newsboys concert is being held on Saturday, July 23, inside the Echo Hollow Amphitheater.

“Helping define the sound of Christian music for more than two decades, Newsboys’ high-energy live performances and string of mega-hit singles, including ‘God’s Not Dead,’ ‘We Believe,’ and ‘Born Again,’ continue to make the band one of the genre’s most iconic artists,” Silver Dollar City stated in a release. “Opening performance from former Audio Adrenaline lead vocalist Adam Agee.”

Eastern Heights will perform every night for the rest of Moonlight Madness, except for Saturday, July 30, which is when The Juice will perform instead.

Also during Moonlight Madness, the theme park is welcoming back The Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience inside the Red Gold Heritage Hall. The show features a troop of rescue dogs who perform a variety of tricks, using anything from Frisbees to hula hoops to people. The interactive crowd participation experience will showcase the dog’s best flips, dance moves, athletic feats and big air stunts.

As Silver Dollar City makes the transition from day to night, Parrish explained how the atmosphere of the park changes as well.

“It’s a lot of fun to experience the park after hours in that you can watch the sunset. You can take in the homestead twilight viewpoint and just kind of feel like the olden days as the sun was going down,” Parrish said. “Also I feel like it’s a totally different sensory perception to go and ride some of our fantastic rides in the evening time and not be able to really see what’s in front of you. It just gives you a totally different perspective on those rides.”

While guests are invited to experience a full 12 hours of Silver Dollar City fun, the city does offer a special price for those who just want to enjoy the park after dark. The Moonlight Madness Visit After 5 pm tickets are just $40, plus tax, for all ages.

“We’ve got our full spectrum of entertainment during the day, so from an entertainment standpoint it’s just a lot more fun into the evening hours,” Parrish said. “The opportunity to stay into the after evening hours and have some fun experiences on rides and enjoy the concerts we put on, they’re all part of the element of Moonlight Madness; and really the draw for our guests is the chance to spend that time in the park after hours.”

Silver Dollar City’s more than 40 rides and attractions will also be open to riders throughout Moonlight Madness. In the hours of the night, guests can soar under the moonlight while on Time Traveler or dare the steepest drop on a wooden coaster in the dark with the world-renowned Outlaw Run. The newest member to the park, Mystic River Falls, offers guests an epic, half-mile water ride after dark with a 4-story, record-setting splashdown, all while under the Ozarks stars.

Additionally, those looking to stay cool, even in the evening, are also invited to White Water for Night Water. Every Saturday in July, White Water remains open until 10 pm, giving guests the chance to float into the sunset or splash under the stars.

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