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Many great relatable movie characters are usually siblings, lovers, parents, or children. The reason for that is their common relationships make them extremely believable to watch. Whether the movie is a sci-fi flick or a zombie apocalypse thriller, these sympathizable characters make them feel truly human. From Warrior‘s intense rivalry between two brothers to Interstellar‘s space adventure with a twist of parental love, almost every movie has used relationships as a driving force.

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However, the relationship between stepbrothers is one relatable trope that isn’t commonly present in cinema. Luckily, there are still a few movies that feature decent step-sibling stories. Here’s a list of the ten best portrayals of stepbrothers in films.

10 Josh

Josh Nichols is one of the first characters that come to mind when thinking of stepbrothers. After all, the show Drake & Josh was a hit on Nickelodeon for years and became the highest-rated tv series on cable with 5.4 million viewers. The popular franchise has two main movies, with one being Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.

The film centers around the popular stepbrothers as they accidentally send their sister to Los Angeles, California. This incident drives the brothers to travel to Hollywood to find their baby sibling. Josh’s character in the movie kickstarts the main plot and causes the two to have their greatest adventure yet.

9 Dale Doback

Dale Doback is a character from the movie stepbrothers. The film centers around two forty-year-old childish men, Brennan and Dale, who suddenly become stepbrothers after their parents get married. Since Brennan and Dale are home-staying adults, the two have difficulty getting used to each other’s lifestyles, which causes a lot of chaos.

Eventually, the stepbrothers start their own entertainment company, leading to an unexpected humorous adventure. The popular American comedy film came out in 2008 and is still worth watching for the humor and chemistry between the two stepbrothers.

8 charlie prince

Rags is a 2012 movie that features Max Schneider as Charlie Prince. In the film, Charlie is a stepbrother to Andrew and Lloyd and the stepson to their father, Arthur McGowens. While all three siblings want to pursue a career in music, they don’t have the same talent.

Charlie is the skillful one in the movie, Andrew is a bad one, and Lloyd is just the simple-minded one. Since the brothers do not get along, they create many problems for Charlie to stop him from becoming a successful musician. However, destiny had something else in mind for the talented stepbrother.

7 drake

Drake from Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh is truly the movie’s shining star. The film centers around the popular stepbrother duo as they try to throw a Christmas party on the roof of Josh’s workplace. Josh’s manager Helen agrees to let the party happen but asks Drake to dress up as Santa at the mall and entertain the kids.

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During the little errand, Drake makes an unbreakable promise to a child and swears to give her the best Christmas ever. The movie then shows the popular stepbrother doing all it takes to keep his promise and give the girl her best 12 Days of Christmas.

6 Adam Thompson

Zapped is a 2014 disney Channel film that shows the story of Zoey and her three stepbrothers. One of those siblings is the basketball fan Adam Thompson. At the begging of the movie, Zoey tries to settle down with her new family as Adam abandons her at the school and minds his own business.

However, as the story progresses, the stepsiblings become better friends and have a crazy adventure at school, which causes Adam’s team to win. The movie shows how adjusting to a stepfamily situation can be hard but worth it.

5 Luke Sherman

The movie Flower features Erica Vandross and Luke Sherman as stepsiblings who end up falling in love with each other. Despite the movie’s dark but comedic tone, it features many positive moments and targets issues such as mental disorders and crimes. Flower shows the story of Erica as she helps her new stepbrother Luke after his suicide attempt.

It shows how the stepsibling duo manages to take revenge on everyone who’s wronged them and get bonded to each other on their journey. The movie also shows how Luke overcomes his issues and even helps Erica with money to bail out her biological father.

4 Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is the stepbrother of Samantha “Sam” Button in the popular 2012 movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The film shows the story of Charlie, who has a hard time at his high school making friends. Thankfully, Patrick and Sam become his friends and invite him to a party.

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The coming-of-age drama film shows the trio having a unique adventure that pushes all of them to become better persons. It also shows how Charlie gets out of his clinical depression and finds his purpose in this huge world full of people.

3 Sebastian Valmont

Cruel Intentions is a 1999 teen drama film that features Kathryn Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont as stepsiblings. The duo lives in a big mansion in New York and belongs to a rich family. Kathryn and Sebastian are devoid of emotions and are never up to any good.

Hence, they plan to seduce Annette Hargrove, the headmaster’s daughter. Fortunately, their plan does not work, as Sebastian falls in love with Annette. Cruel Intentions shows the dark reality of rich American teenagers who do not value emotions. However, sometimes reasonable people like Sebastian are just stuck into the mix.

2 Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas is Cher Horowitz’s former stepbrother in the popular movie, Clueless. The film shows the story of the stepsibling duo, who are completely different from each other. While Josh is socially conscious, Cher is a rich and shallow individual who tries to be the center of attention.

In the movie, Cher does many awful things to people, and her level-headed stepbrother tries to warn and save her. Eventually, the popular teen learns her lesson and realizes that Josh was right. famous Marvel star Paul Rudd plays the role of Josh Lucas in Clueless.

1 Napoleon Bridger

Napoleon Bridger is Beatrice’s stepbrother in the 2005 family comedy movie Hoot. The film shows the story of Roy, a bullying victim at his new school who becomes friends with Beatrice and her stepbrother Napoleon. Together, the three begin on an adventure to save endangered owls from local construction work.

Napoleon is a rebellious little fellow in Hoot, and so is his stepsister Beatrice. Together, they teach Roy to become more confident as the trio saves the owl and remains friends after their adventure is over.

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